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Senior Banner

Senior Banners on Sale NOW! 

This year we continue a tradition at Steinbrenner High School. SENIOR BANNERS! 

Your high-quality vinyl banner will be a lifetime memento for you and your graduate. Use it for your private graduation party, college send- off party or hang on your house to celebrate your Senior. 

The banners will be hung in the cafeteria and hallways during the month of April to the week before AP exams. Senior Banners are a huge hit with the students & are something they look forward to. 


• Two sizes to choose from: 2 x 3 and 2 x 6 

**Small banners (2 x 3) have minimal option: You may customize only with the name of the giver. i.e. “love, mom and dad” etc. 

**Large banners (2 x 6) may have your student’s picture (provide a high res digital photo to me via email), may have your own personal message, up to 100 characters. You may include the name of the university they will be attending (may not put the trademarked logo), i.e., “We are very proud of you! Good Luck at Harvard!” (Message subject to review and approval by school). 

FOR A LIMITED TIME, BANNERS WILL BE SOLD AT LAST YEAR’S PRICES! Through the end of the first semester. Cost-small $35.00(2X3) Large $70.00 (2X6) 

All net proceeds will go to the senior class only! The funds will benefit Senior Send Off and help reduce the cost of Splash Bash. 

ALL PARENTS/STUDENTS WHO PLACE ORDERS BY OCTOBER 31 CAN REQUEST WHERE THEY WOULD LIKE THEIR STUDENT’S BANNER TO BE HUNG. The options are the cafeteria, the 200 hall and the 300 hall. After this date, banners will be placed randomly-no special placement request can be met. 

If you would like to buy a banner but, don't want it hung in the school, please let me know and I will get it to you! Order forms are available on line at the PTSA website. If you have further questions, please feel free to email me. 

Maura Weins Steinbrenner High School 813-541-3739 (call or text) [email protected]