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September 2022 Minutes




Mission: To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all



Attendees: Natasha Sherwood, Erica Rude, Alison Newman, Bethany Mis, Kristen Miller, Jennifer Harbour, Michelle St. John, Venessa Daughtrey, Jessica Graham, Jonilyn Maglott Kolsen, Francine Phillips, Jennifer Waldhauser, Hanna Curry, Amy Pardo, Portia Engman, Marty Sheehan, Lisa Aiken, Heather Prokop, Laurie Grantham, Cheryl Michel, Melissa Siebels, Maurine Wheeler, Monica Young, Shadia Aouadi, Debra Casey, Lisa Krupp, Sirali Kewalramani, Sujata Shah, Anne Puntureri, Bridget Verrecchia, Natali Lima, Laureen Mocsari, Stephanie Fuller, Gwen Walkowiak


September 7, 2022 at 6:30PM at Cuatro Restaurant


1. Establish Quorum

  • Alison established a Quorum

2. Call to Order

  • Alison called the meeting to order at 6:43 pm

3. Principal’s Report

Mrs. Ewell – 3rd year in Steinbrenner, this meeting is the biggest turn out we have had thus far

  • This past Tuesday schedule changes occurred, she tried to impact less students as possible, and she apologizes because she lost a teacher to Gaither because of teacher shortage, causing changes for some students
  • Staff members - 2 will be leaving as well, one for retiring purposes and the other for promotion to Principal purpose. And lunch position is still open.
  • Emergency cards went out to students for parents to fill out, sign and return, there was a shortage on card stock that why it was sent out a bit late this year
  • F.A.S.T. testing is a progress monitoring for 9th and 10th Grade English this week. This is administered in the first 30 days; the results are more for the teachers, then the middle of the year and the end of the year. The end of year will be progress monitoring towards the school.
  • This Friday 9/9 on the Principal’s weekly report everyone will hear that there will be no progress reports sent out. Grades can be assessed online.
  • Conference night - Teachers will be on campus 3:30-7:30 pm on Monday 9/12, it will face to face. If someone cannot make it that night, set up an appointment with the teacher on a later date
  • Senior Information Night 9/12 – If you have a senior or know someone who does, please let them know as this will be an informational meeting for all things related to seniors.
  • FSA retakes for Writing, Reading and EOCs will begin next week
  • Homecoming Game - Oct. 14
  • Dance - Oct 15 at Steinbrenner’s field. Spirit week will be all that week.
  • PSAT Day - seniors will not need to be there
  • Graduation Date (tentative) – May 25th at noon, and rehearsal May 14th on Mother’s Day at 5:45 pm. These were the best dates we could get from the district.

4. Treasurer’s Report - Natasha said we are doing much better. Went through line items.

  • Expenses wise we are a little over, two items have to be finalized. New – Inclusion of a summer expense line, (summer contingency), as mandated by PTSA rules.
  • QR code was suggested and will be made by Natasha for membership and for direct donations.

5. Approve Budget - Motion to approve the budget, 1st and 2nd, all in favor, none opposed. Budget Approved.

6. President’s Report

  • Lisa Krupp - face behind Profferfish
  • Some changes to Bright Futures, some wording changes and also paid hours can be counted as volunteer hours, this has to be entered in a certain way and a certain amount of allocation of hours. This is on the Profferfish website.
  • Maurine asked how to get an event on Profferfish. Lisa said Martinez is already an approved entity, so just the event needs to be approved.
  • Lisa said she has a lot of emails to go through, but hours are not being ignored or rejected, she is just trying to catch up and some hours submitted are incomplete, needing signatures, etc.
  • Someone asked about parents being on Guidance Services through Canvas, Lisa addressed this.
  • Mrs. Ewell said how the district did away with college help position, but Mrs. Lisa will still help with college guidance for the students.

7. Committee Reports - Teacher Grants – Jennifer has 7. The goals of these grants are to enhance the teacher’s instructions.

1)  Chemistry teacher wants her class more interactive, requested 4 different lab kits and periodic tables. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

2)  Cynthia Neger, a science teacher, (Biology/Anatomy) is requested an upgrade Gimkit Pro asking for $59.88. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

3)  Pedro Villavicencio a math/Comp Science/Robotics teacher requesting 5 white boards, as well as other instructional supplies. $300.00. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

4)  Algebra 1 - 2 teachers, Amber Haimes and Alexandra Hertenstein, both want enough calculators for their students – each want $430. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

5)  Jon Vona, a journalism/newspaper is requesting, and this was written by students as a proposal for PTSA, they want to start an app to push notifications for all students in the school to not be left out of anything, they will never miss breaking news, school news, events, etc. They are requesting $250 to start and then $450 a year to upkeep, the rest of the years they will sustain it by themselves. So this is one time $700, the rest of the years they will raise money for themselves to upkeep it. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

6)  Nick Mossier, ESE/English/World History Course Prep teacher - he wants bulletin board to be mounted on the wall. He is requesting $260. Motion to approve, 1st and 2nd. Approved by all.

7)  Melissa is asking for corporate sponsors recruitment. If anyone knows of any businesses, please let her know.

-Great American Teach In

  • Lisa Krupp needs people to come in to volunteer – November 17.


  • Michelle, senior kids need to be a PTSA member by Dec 31st , GPA of 3.0, need to have 5 PTSA hours, last year $13,000 in the budget, this year $16,000. Try to reach out to all seniors to sign up for PTSA scholarships. Underclassmen can accumulate PTSA hours during January of their Junior year.

- HOPE uniform sells

  • Portia spoke on this.

8. Additional New Business and Announcements

-Hillsborough YES Volunteer website.

  • Alison reminded everyone to make sure they are approved volunteers through the Hillsborough YES Volunteer website.

9. Adjourn -

  • Alison adjourned the meeting at 7:57 pm

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