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Teacher Grants

Teacher Grant Request

 "As of 1/10/19, the PTSA is currently out of Teacher Grant funds for the 2018-2019 school year.  We will update this page should funding become available again this school year."

Attention Teachers!

You can now submit your PTSA grant requests online.  Your request will automatically be sent to Ms. King for approval, as well as to the PTSA chairperson.  If needed, we will then contact you to ask you to submit any receipts or other supporting materials to us via email.

Alternatively, you may also still submit your requests on paper.  The Grant Request form can be found below the online form and printed out.

Requests approved by Ms. King prior to the 15th of each month will be considered at the upcoming month's PTSA Board meeting.  A request received after the 20th may not be considered until the following month. (For instance, a request received on August 14th would be considered at the September meeting. A request submitted on August 25th may not be considered until the October Board meeting.)

Teacher Grant Request

Note: Fields marked with an * are required.

Grant Requests

Teachers, please note that your paper request must be reviewed and signed by Ms. King prior to submission to the PTSA!  Thank you!

Printable Teacher Grant Request form